Hello again.

This is the first post on this blog for a very long time.

The reason for my unannounced break is that, in September, I started at a new University, reading Medicine in a Graduate Entry Programme (in other words, “thrown in at the deep end”), and have since been extremely busy trying to get my head around my new world.

I always intended to come back to this blog, because I reason that regularly maintaining it would give me a guarantee that my newfound, scientific path won’t completely stifle my ability to think about society, politics and philosophy. I’m finally getting round to it!

As a point of interest, it pleased me a lot to note upon signing in to WordPress that the views haven’t completely dried up. This may well be the product of clumsy Google searches, but it’s still nice to imagine that, after the initial rush of views no doubt largely attributable to my Facebook and Twitter friends, these posts might continue to be read.

Hopefully, in the coming days, more posts will follow this one.


About Jon Robinson

Lefty ex-politics student turned med student, interested in current affairs, economics, gender politics and health issues. Occasionally pretends to understand philosophy. @jon__robinson

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