Gove and the Elitist Telegraph

CoE Priest Peter Mullen reckons that Michael Gove has an impossible task in attempting to reform the education system.

Peter Mullen – Bigot

His justification is quite interesting – he thinks that teachers are, to paraphrase his puerile rant, ill-educated philistines who cannot have a hope of educating children properly. He goes on;

They wouldn’t be able to recite one line of Dryden or Lancelot Andrewes. When it comes to music, don’t ask them about sonata or ternary form or even invite them to whistle the opening of the “Eroica” symphony. They much prefer Sid Shit and the Droplets, or anyone performing at Glastonbury.

As it happens, despite his literally revolting, repulsive, reckless rant, I happen to agree with his conclusion – Gove’s endeavours are hopeless. This is aside from the sheer hilarity of assuming that a palingenetic name-changing enterprise will spark pedagogical revolution. No, I think Gove has no chance of making improvements in the education system because no Tory minister has a chance of doing any good when their party is undermined by the support it receives, and its close ties to, a paper which unashamedly prints disgusting elitist bile like Mullen’s.

For what it’s worth, most of the teachers I’ve been lucky enough to be taught by rank somewhere between excellent and inspirational.


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