The CofE – addiction to homophobia?

Yesterday, the senior clergy of the Church of England issued a defiant rant against the possibility of equal marriage rights for homosexual couples, employing such potent imagery as the possibility of the Church itself breaking down in the aftermath.

The arguments advanced by the Church are terrible, and receive a good thrashing in this blog post by Jacob Williamson.

The Old Chuch

“The Old Church” by Sophie Infekt

I just wanted to add an extra thought, specifically about the invocation of the dissolution threat. If the Church’s very validity as an institution is so contingent on the existence of homophobic discrimination in the legal system that its own leaders fear that it would crumble without, what does this say about the Church?


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Lefty ex-politics student turned med student, interested in current affairs, economics, gender politics and health issues. Occasionally pretends to understand philosophy. @jon__robinson

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